Hold Trump Accountable. Impeach Him.

Members of the House of Representatives:

As people of faith, we believe that an honest and moral democracy must have oversight and accountability as a check against corruption and the abuse of power. No one is above the law, including the president. The soul of our nation faces a deep moral crisis. Lawmakers must summon the integrity to do what is right. We elect them to be moral leaders, not passive observers who put political party before patriotism. Our faiths call on us to demand the truth.

Each Member of Congress takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution.We call on all Members of the House of Representatives to uphold this oath by voting to impeach President Trump for seeking a foreign government’s corrupt assistance in his re-election, and for attempting to cover it up. Rising to this historic moment of accountability is a matter of patriotism and courage.

The impeachment hearings have shed the light of truth and transparency upon grave abuses of power. Extensive evidence presented under oath by career diplomats, military officers and Republican appointees shows that the president froze military aid to the Ukrainian government to coerce them to smear former Vice President Biden, his potential opponent in the 2020 election. He also covered up this action by hiding incriminating information and forbidding senior White House staff from complying with Congressional subpoenas. 

Impeachment is the constitutional remedy for a president’s attack on the legitimacy of our system. Holding President Trump accountable by voting in favor of impeachment is a test of our Representatives’ integrity. An oath is a pledge to God, not an empty political promise. As people of faith and conscience, we call on our Representatives to keep their word to protect democracy. 

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