Support Students At Catholic Schools for LGBTQ Justice

Students at Brebeuf Jesuit, which has refused to comply with the archbishop's demands to fire a longtime respected employee after his same-sex marriage became public, are being unfairly punished by other schools in the archdiocese. Student-athletes were recently excluded from an annual golf tournament and will be barred from a cross-country meet in September. The bishop also told Brebeuf it could not open the academic year with an all-school Mass. At Roncalli High School, another Catholic high school in Indianapolis, students and graduates who formed a group to support a guidance counselor fired for being in a same-sex marriage have faced pressure from school leaders. Join us in solidarity with these students: 


We’re all created in God’s image. As a Catholic, I believe it’s wrong to fire dedicated LGBTQ teachers and to tell students not to speak out for human dignity.

What message does it send that Catholic schools are cracking down on LGBTQ employees and telling students to remain silent? These actions drive people away from the Church and deepen wounds at a time when so many are still suffering from the clergy abuse crisis.

I stand in solidarity with students who speak out for LGBTQ teachers at Catholic schools.

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