Holy Recovery Messaging Training

We all deserved to live a life of abundance and dignity. No matter what we look like, where we live, or how we earn a living, we all deserve to rest assured that the people we love have everything they need. Our public policies must reflect this vision. That’s why Faith in Public Life Action and partners are mounting the Holy Recovery campaign in support of effective, pro-family federal policies that address deep systemic inequities and help us all thrive -- the American Jobs and Families Plan, and the For the People Act.

To pass these crucial policies, we must lift our voices together. That’s why we’re holding a messaging webinar on June 10th. Together, we’ll explore not only a new approach to moral messaging, but also opportunities to take action to pass the American Jobs and Family plan and the For the People Act!

Digital messaging training (webinar link available on registration)

2 p.m. Eastern, June 10th

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