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Who Stole My Bible? If this is a question you’ve asked yourself recently, if you have found yourself looking at those who claim to be Christian and wondering what Bible they are reading, you are not alone.

You might be among the Christians struggling to understand how many of your neighbors worship a God who freed the oppressed, yet vote for political leaders who perpetrate cruelty and white supremacy. Maybe you’re not a Christian, but you are familiar with Christian scriptures and notice the lack of alignment between what we profess and what we practice. 

In Who Stole My Bible?, you will see the Bible’s liberative story arc from Genesis to Revelation through reimagined stories of pivotal points in the narrative. These stories are grounded in biblical scholarship, and each chapter connects a key turning point in the Bible to America today. Each chapter concludes with modern movement stories that tie each Bible passage to faithful strategies for resisting tyranny today. 

This book is a handbook—a how-to resource—that will help you ground yourself in scripture and prepare strategically to defy the Pharaohs and Caesars of our day and age.

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