Women of faith will play a decisive role in determining the fate of American democracy between now and November 3, 2020. When women lead in a spirit of courage, we change the course of history.

As women of faith, we are united in the universal values of family, dignity, justice and compassion, and our vision of wholeness for all God’s children. Grounded in the teachings of our traditions, the lessons of history, and the wisdom of today’s prophetic women, we seek to kindle an ethic of community that allows life to flourish.

We call on those in power, at every level, to honor the principles and enact the policies articulated in this document. And as women of faith, we commit to voting with this vision in mind. 

Enacting Racial Justice

God created us all equal, and the principles of equality and freedom outlined in our nation’s founding documents must be put into practice.

As women of faith, we are demanding that those in power support:

  • Health policies that specifically remedy our nation’s deep racial inequality of care.
  • Raising the minimum wage to a robust living wage nationwide.
  • Policies that fundamentally reimagine our public safety institutions, reorienting us from punishment and incarceration to community and respect.

Advocating for Fair and Compassionate Immigration

We affirm that no human being is illegal. Immigrants are cherished members of our communities.

Breaking up families and sending immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees back to poverty, violence and likely death is evil. 

As women of faith, we are demanding human dignity for immigrant families by:

  • Supporting comprehensive immigration reform that that includes a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
  • Defunding agencies that brutalize immigrants, such as ICE and Border Patrol.
  • Ending inhumane family separation policies.

Improving Healthcare for all Women

It is time for women of faith to bring from the shadows to the front conversations around sexual assault, domestic violence, obstetric violence, infertility, reproductive loss and reproductive justice. 

We believe that women deserve public policy that provides:

  • Access to convenient, high quality, and affordable health care for all women, including fertility treatments and counseling services.
  • Readily available access to affordable contraception.
  • Compulsory and comprehensive, evidence based, reproductive health education for every student.

Defending LGBTQ Equality

LGBTQ people are children of God who must be treated with equal dignity and equal protection.

 As women of faith, we are demanding the prioritization of federal policies that uphold human dignity, fairness and freedom by:

  • Repealing every discriminatory executive order and rule change of the last three years.
  • Supporting the Equality Act, which extends full civil rights protections to LGBTQ Americans.
  • Committing to nominating and confirming judges who uphold the constitutional principle that religious freedom protects us all, but prohibits any of us from harming others.

Championing Disability Rights

Created in the image of God, all human beings have different abilities and deserve a life of dignity, access, and protection.

As women of faith, we are committed to advocating and advancing the cause of disability rights and implore our policymakers to ensure:

  • Access to full education and employment, regardless of ability.
  • Freedom from discrimination, abuse and forced institutionalization.
  • The centering of disability and access discussions around the voices of activists who are experts in their own needs and the needs of their communities.

Demanding a Fair Tax Code and Pro-Family Work Policies

The United States is the only industrialized country with no national paid family leave policy. Because of our lack of policy and workplace protections, one in four women return to work just 10 days after giving birth.

We call on those in power to support:

  • A national paid family leave policy of at least 6 weeks for all new parents.
  • Federal paid leave to take care of oneself or a relative when facing an illness.
  • A fair tax code where corporations and people with the most pay their fair share.
  • Closing the wage gap so women earn equal pay for equal work.

Fighting for Climate Justice

As women of faith, we believe that stopping the climate crisis is a moral responsibility.

We demand those in power:

  • Reinstate the rollbacks of the over 60 environmental rules and regulations from the past three years.
  • Embrace legislation such as the Green New Deal and the Blue New Deal, policies that will prioritize permanent environmental protections and create new opportunities for economic growth.

Combating White Nationalism

We respect all forms of religious expression and the inherent dignity of all faith traditions. We stand arm-in-arm with our sisters of all backgrounds and decry Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism and every form of religious bigotry.

As faithful women, we urge those in power to create policy that:

  • Makes the investigation and prosecution of white nationalist violence a federal priority.
  • Requires teaching diversity and tolerance in every K-12 school at every age level
  • Quells the spread of bigotry, incitement and radicalization online.

Securing Democracy and Civil Rights

We believe that voting is the most direct way that women can have a voice in the policies that shape our daily lives. 

We call for:

  • Expanded access to absentee voting, early voting and vote by mail.
  • Ballots printed for those with different language needs and polling places that are accessible for those who are disabled.
  • Transparency and fairness in redistricting that takes into account all individuals that live in an area, regardless of immigration status.
  • Restoration of the Voting Rights Act to its full power and expanded access to the ballot box to ensure that voting is simple, accessible and available for all.

You can read the full platform here.

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