CALL-IN: Our faith demands justice

As people of faith, we believe God wants a life of dignity and flourishing for all of us. Congress has a moral responsibility to ensure a #HolyRecovery because no matter what we look like or how we earn a living, we all deserve to rest assured that we have what we need. 

The American Jobs and Families Plan will make the essential infrastructure of family life - childcare, school, and healthcare - more affordable. It creates good jobs and better pay in workplaces from construction sites daycare providers to in-home care. And It all gets funded by stopping the wealthiest few from dodging their fair share of taxes. 

Call your Senators today to tell them that we are all worth investing in! Together, we must push Congress to pass common sense laws like the American Jobs and Families Plans that invest in our collective future and build a #HolyRecovery. 

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