As Christians, Jews, Muslims and people of many other faiths, we all agree that a foundation of our morality is treating others how we would want to be treated. In the wake of the tragic bombing of Dar Al Farooq mosque in Minnesota, we reaffirm our shared commitment to showing respect and dignity to people of all faiths, races and political beliefs.

No one should ever be targeted with the type of language, harassment and violence that we saw in Portland last week. We have a moral obligation to show others the respect that we want for ourselves.

As a person of faith, I pledge to be a bridge builder:

1. I will speak with love towards people of other faiths, political beliefs or racial backgrounds.

2. I will speak out publicly if I am a witness to anyone being targeted or harassed.

3. I will go beyond my routine and seek to build a bridge by having a personal conversation with someone outside my own faith, racial background or political beliefs.

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    Bridge Builder Pledge