Our right to vote is sacred.

As Georgians of faith, we hold our right to vote sacred. Our votes are expressions of our dignity and the foundation of our power to demand justice.

In 2020, amid long lines for early voting and COVID-19, Georgia broke records for voter turnout. The results in Georgia were decisive; local and state election officials, and state and federal courts upheld that the results were accurate.

But now, rather than listening to voters, some politicians are trying to silence us. Instead of focusing on passing policies that benefit all people in our state, they're trying to keep Black and Brown voters, students, low-income people, those without access to smart technology and people with disabilities from voting. 

In a democracy, voters choose our leaders. Our leaders must not pick and choose which voices to heed and which to silence.  

We condemn the proposed changes to voting rights in the Georgia State House and Senate, which would make it more difficult for all Georgians to cast their ballots.

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