Return Gilles to His Home

To Sean Gallagher (ICE Field Office Director):

Gilles Bikindou has been a cherished member of the Greenwood Forest Baptist Church community since 2006. He came to the United States from the Congo seeking political asylum because he witnessed state-sponsored violence and murder in his home country and fears persecution. He was denied asylum.

Since then, Gilles has been under an order of supervision and has been allowed to work and live here. This order was revoked unexpectedly in 2017. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is intending to deport him to the Congo. He has a life-threatening medical condition that can only be treated in the United States or Canada. Deportation or even prolonged detention will mean death for Gilles, whose application for a stay of removal was denied on the same afternoon it was submitted.

Sean Gallagher, in your role as ICE Field Office Director, grant Gilles Bikindou a stay of removal and return him to his faith family in Cary, North Carolina.



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