Tell Congress: We Demand a Holy Recovery

We believe that a life of flourishing and dignity is what God wants for all of us. We all deserve to rest assured that the people we love have everything they need. But right now, too many families struggle to meet their needs while a wealthy few dodge taxes and attack the freedom to vote.

As people of faith, we call on Congress to build a holy recovery that strengthens our democracy and declares that we are all worth investing in. The first step is to pass Build Back Better and the Freedom to Vote: John Lewis Act. No matter what we look like or where we live, an economy that works for us all and a democracy that represents us all go hand in hand. It’s time for every elected official to honor the inherent dignity of Black, Brown, Native and Asian Americans — especially women — who have been discriminated against and excluded by our economic and democratic systems throughout U.S. history.

Working families are trapped in deep debt and impossible dilemmas by policies that serve a wealthy few at everyone else’s expense. Billionaires and profitable corporations dodge paying their fair share while we desperately need new government investment in schools, roads, climate solutions, broadband, healthcare and childcare. The American Jobs and Families Plan begins the work of remedying these injustices to create a future where we can all thrive. And it must include a path to citizenship for our undocumented neighbors.

Attacks on the freedom to vote that target Black, Brown, Asian, and Native communities threaten our democracy and rob people of an equal say in our government. Disenfranchisement has always been a tool of denying people the ability to thrive. Passing the Freedom to Vote Act, which stops the construction of new barriers to voting and the practice of partisan gerrymandering, is essential to protecting every voter’s say in our nation’s future. 

We call for a holy recovery to salve the wounds of injustice and lay the foundation for a future of flourishing and dignity. Congress has a moral responsibility to enact these common sense policies that help all of us thrive. 

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