Pledge to Expand and Uphold our Democracy

Throughout our sacred texts and history, when people of faith come together and act on our calling to love our neighbors and seek justice, our communities become healthier, safer and more free. We see this over and over – from the abolition of slavery to the U.S. Civil Rights movements to our current confrontation of white supremacy.

Ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, I pledge to join the multi-faith and multiracial coalition of people acting to expand and uphold our democracy.

Politicians and demagogues who advance white Christian nationalism seek to interfere with our election process, put up barriers to voting, and resort to intimidation to deny us the freedom to choose our leaders. As people of faith, we know that injustice like this never has the last word. We refuse to allow white Christian nationalists to divide and deceive us and choose to work together to ensure that voting is safe, accessible for all, and free of intimidation and violence. 


In word and deed, I pledge to protect and expand a multi-faith and multiracial democracy by:

  • Reporting voting challenges to the national election protection hotline. Throughout early voting and Election Day, if I witness or hear about voting challenges – from long lines at the polls to problems with voting machines or extremists showing up near polling locations and intimidating voters – I pledge to call 1-866-OUR VOTE. 
  • Condemning white Christian nationalism, both locally and nationally. I will learn the appropriate messaging, best practices and resources to ensure I can speak up effectively. 
  • Ensuring that my community has the resources needed to vote free from violence and intimidation. I will empower my community by sharing resources and information so individuals have the power to protect themselves and their neighbors.

People of faith have risen together for our democracy before and we know that we can do it again. We will work to ensure our elections are free, fair and safe because our faith demands that of us.

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