An interfaith clergy coalition, Outcry: Faith Voices Against Gun Violence, has come together to raise our voices as people of faith all across Georgia in hopes of preventing gun violence in our state.  
We believe that God calls us to value every human life and commands us to live in peace with one another.  
We believe that God also commands us to love our neighbor and therefore it is our responsibility to do all that we can to ensure the safety and security of all people.
We can no longer be silent about gun violence in our state. We will oppose political decisions driven by fear that promote the notion that the answer to gun violence is more guns in our streets, neighborhoods, restaurants and public places. As citizens of Georgia and as leaders of faith communities we oppose all legislation that would make our communities and campuses less safe and more vulnerable to the devastation of gun violence. We continue to oppose the Guns Everywhere Law, and any legislation that would lead to more guns carried in more places in our state.
Through our faith, we have a vision for human community that is built on solidarity and trust, not fear and terror. We hope and work for the day when neighborhoods and communities all across our state will be safe places where human life is valued and celebrated, not tragically ended by gun violence.  
In this hope, we are encouraging all people of faith to become informed and active in preventing gun violence in Georgia. We pray for moral clarity and courage as we seek to build peace, security and good will among the human family. We commit ourselves to praying and working for public policies that promote the flourishing of our communities and our congregations in safety and peace. We call on our elected officials to do the same.
For more information, contact the office of Rev. Pam Driesell at 404.495.8424.
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