Reunification and Relief for Families Now


In 2018 the Trump administration enacted the zero tolerance policy and cruelly separated 5, 500 migrant families. Faith leaders have stood alongside Black and brown organizers to denounce this immoral policy and demand justice for all immigrant communities. 

However, families remain separated to this day and the trauma inflicted upon all those  families is everlasting. The Biden Administration must prioritize making this a nation where every person is respected and every family can thrive.

As people of faith we believe human dignity, family and loving our neighbor are sacred values. Our teachings and traditions are clear that these values apply to immigrants. Our laws should honor these principles.

The Biden administration and a task force on family separation is just the start. That's why we are urging the Biden administration to commit to the following actions in its first 100 days – join us by signing the petition:

  1. Find the missing parents, reunite all the families, and ensure they can live in the United States together, free from detention and deportation
  2. Provide immediate protections from deportation and support a pathway to citizenship for all separated families
  3. Establish resources and redress funds that includes coverage of trauma-informed mental health services
  4. Make systemic changes to end family separations for good
  5. Pursue investigations of and accountability for those responsible

In order for us to reckon with the systematic separation of thousands of families – and ensure that no future administration will ever erroneously consider it as a deterrent measure again, our government must develop a holistic approach. 

Please sign our petition and urge the Biden administration to take action now.

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To the Biden administration:

For far too long the immigrant community has had to suffer separation and deportation from their families or be hidden in sanctuaries to protect themselves. No matter what we look like, how we pray or where we were born, we all have human dignity and our policies and laws should honor that for everyone.

As a person of faith, I am urging you to commit to the following actions now:  (1) Reunify all families, bringing them back to the United States if they’ve been deported; (2) Provide immediate protections from detention and deportation and support a pathway to citizenship for separated families; (3) Provide resources and support, including trauma counseling; (4) Make systemic changes to ensure an end to family separations; (5) Pursue accountability.

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